R501.3 and R302.13 Resource Page

SBCA has compiled the articles below to provide a comprehensive guide to the information it has published on R501.3 (from the 2012 IRC) and R302.12 (the same language incorporated in the 2015 IRC). The goal in organizing the information in this way is to enable the reader to fully understand this issue and SBCA’s position.

Question: Why was the IRC changed to provide a 2x10 exclusion from the requirement in R501.3/R302.13 that states, “Floor assemblies….shall be provided with a 1/2-inch (12.7 mm) gypsum wallboard membrane”?

  1. How Floor Trusses Became an Endangered Species, The Politics of It All
  2. AWC & NAHB Author Original Code Changes Proposals Effectively Banning Floor Truss and I-Joist Use
  3. NAHB'S Decision Making Process Disregards Harm Caused to Truss Industry

What does ASTM E119 floor assembly fire testing indicate should be required?

  1. Analysis of E119 Test Data Reveals Nothing Equivalent to 15-plus Minutes
  2. Analyzing How 2x10s & Flak Jacket Aren't Equivalent to a 15-minute Membrane
  3. SBCA Conducts Fire Testing to Protect CM’S Market Share

What immediate action does science, common sense and sound risk management say should be taken with respect to R501.3 and R302.13?

  1. 7 Reasons to Immediately Delete Exception 4 from R501.3
  2. What Is Equivalent Protection to a 1/2-inch Gypsum Wallboard Membrane?
  3. SBCA’S Views on Creating Fair Code Policy in Contrast to the AWC & NAHB Proposal Effectively Banning Floor Truss and I-Joist Use